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Transitions: Menopause Support

BECAUSE OF THE POTENTIAL DANGERS AND SIDE EFFECTS of powerful hormone drugs, millions of women now seek midlife support from the safer haven of herbs. But, while herbal products are safer and gentler, until now, they have tried to work in the same way as the drugs they intend to replace. In other words, they seek only to balance surface level hormones, while ignoring the reasons that hormone imbalances occur. By also fulfilling the holistic requirement of addressing the cause of hormone imbalances, Transitions™ is the first dietary supplement to do more.

Transitions™ is the finest natural support system ever offered for premenopause and menopause. It provides the world’s most complete package of natural hormone balancing factors (isoflavones, phyto-estrogens, progesterone enhancers, etc.), and a remarkable blend of the world’s most profound tonic herbs for women. As the hormone balancing factors work to calm hot flashes and other discomforts, the tonic herbs support the organs and glands whose weaknesses trigger hormone imbalances in the first place. Thus, they help you feel not just better, but your very best. And, as they do this, they are also helping to build better health in general.

If you already use a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement that supplies rich levels of SuperFoods, and get all the calcium, magnesium, boron and other bone support factors you need from other sources, you’ll be fine with Transitions™.

If you already follow a strong nutritional regimen that you can’t, or don’t want to change, you can simply add Transitions™ to it, and get all the specific support you need to overcome mid-life discomforts and overcome the weaknesses that cause them.

Calming Hot Flashes, Mood Swings, etc.

WHILE THERE IS LITTLE DOUBT that the “symptoms of menopause” are triggered by hormone imbalances or deficiencies, there is great disagreement as to why these imbalances or deficiencies occur. Modern medicine, of course, holds that they are part of Nature’s plan. But, if that were true, every woman, in every culture, throughout all of history, would have suffered more or less equally at this time of life, and medical texts from every era would be stuffed with reports of it. The truth, however, is that menopausal distress was relatively rare before the industrial age. And, in many cultures, it still is.

In South America, for example, while 60% of upper class women experience midlife distress, lower class women (who eat simpler foods) are nearly symptom free. In Japan, hot flashes are so rare that the language doesn’t even have a word for them. Yet, when Japanese women move to the United States, and begin eating American foods, they suffer just as we do.

Clearly, then, hormone imbalances do not “just happen.” Instead, they are the predictable results of poor diet, extreme stress, and constant exposure to synthetic chemicals. In short, what we call the “symptoms of menopause” are really the “symptoms of modern lifestyle that appear during pre-menopause (perimenopause) or at menopause.”

The world’s great holistic traditions, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine and Ayurveda, explain that modern diet and lifestyle impair the function of various organs and glands. One of the effects of this is that such organs and glands are prevented from producing and distributing hormones as they should.

For many years, physicians have prescribed powerful hormone drugs to help women overcome hot flashes and other mid-life discomforts. Meanwhile, the health food industry has offered the weaker, but safer variety of hormones from soy, wild yam, and other plants. From a holistic point of view, neither of these approaches is enough.

If we want to feel our very best, and to insure the best possible health in the future,we must also strengthen the organs and glands whose weaknesses caused the problems in the first place. If we do not, we are inviting more serious health challenges to develop later in life.

Herbal Support for Maximum Personal Comfort

Isoflavones and Black Cohosh
Isoflavones are a class of phyto-estrogens that are common in the Japanese diet, but rare in Western foods. Researchers believe these factors protect women against midlife discomforts, as well as more serious disease. By plugging into estrogen receptors, they serve as safe, gentle estrogen supplements. While occupying these receptors, they may also neutralize the dangers of powerful, synthetic estrogens. Black cohosh is an herb that grows throughout most of the world. It has been used, for centuries, for a wide variety of female complaints. In recent years, isoflavones and black cohosh have been studied extensively. Vast majorities of women engaged in such studies have reported significant relief from hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, anxiety, depression and other midlife discomforts, with no significant side effects. Transitions™ and ProFema™ provide rich levels of isoflavones, all from soy free sources. This prevents the allergic reactions triggered by isoflavones from soy. These formulations also provide the exact amount of black cohosh recommended by the German “Kommission E” (the worldwide authority on regulating herbal products)
for support during premenopause and menopause, and rich levels of hesperidin and gamma oryzonol. Both of these nutrients have been shown in studies to reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes, and also help support metabolism in other ways.

Progesterone Precursors
Dr. John Lee, author of What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause, believes estrogen dominance, which occurs when the body’s ratio of estrogen to progesterone tilts too far toward estrogen, is more to blame for hot flashes, mood swings, etc., than estrogen deficiency. This may explain why many women experience the “symptoms of menopause” long before menopause itself actually arrives. For, as the ovaries become less active (from five to ten years before menopause), progesterone levels decline, while estrogen levels remain high. Whether or not this is correct, progesterone remains important after menopause. It may, for example, help to maintain bone mineral density, prevent the edemic retention of water in the body, serve as a natural anti-depressant, discourage fibroids in both the breast and uterus, help maintain libido, and serve as a precursor for other hormones made in the adrenal cortex. In short, it serves many purposes beyond reproduction.

Transitions™ provides rich concentrations of wild yam, which contains factors that may mimic progesterone in the body. It also provides the equivalent of 960 mg. of chaste tree (vitex), which promotes internal progesterone production. Chaste Tree is the most widely recommended herb in Great Britain for menopausal discomforts, and is revered throughout the world for the many women’s complaints it helps address. These factors help many of Transitions’™ users to get along without a progesterone cream.

Support for the Organs and Glands

Most midlife herbals provide isoflavones or phyto-estrogens, and some add herbs that may help enhance progesterone levels. Only Transitions™ however, adds deeper support for the body’s organs and glands. Western medicine, of course, tells us that mid-life discomforts are triggered by hormone deficiencies. Yet, for thousands of years, holistic disciplines have thought they stem from weaknesses in the Kidney System and the blood. Because the Kidney System produces (and the blood distributes) estrogen and progesterone, their weaknesses are seen as the causes of hormone imbalances and deficiencies. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Kidney System includes the kidneys themselves, the adrenal glands, the ovaries, the uterus, etc. In the years preceding menopause, the ovaries produce progressively less progesterone, until finally, they shut down completely. At this time, the adrenal glands become our primary source of progesterone. If the Kidney System is weakened beyond a certain point, however, the adrenals will be unable to produce all the progesterone we need. The tonic herbs in Transitions™ (eleutherococcos, prepared rehmannia, poria cocos, white peony, dong quai, wild yam, etc.) form a superb balancing tonic for all of the body’s major organ systems, with special emphasis on the Kidney System and the blood. These herbs make Transitions™ the finest midlife support systems ever offered, and help them to calm midlife discomforts more quickly—and completely—than any other supplements.

P.S. If you do not see the results you desire within 30 days, you may also need a natural progesterone creme. This is because, even with all of Transitions support, your adrenal glands may be unable to produce the amount of progesterone you need.

Reprinted with exclusive permission by Pure Essence Labs.

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