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Prevagen™ is a novel dietary supplement designed to fight aging. The only supplement from a jellyfish, Prevagen keeps cells alive longer. Prevagen was developed by Quincy Bioscience within the University Research Park in Madison, Wisconsin. Rooted in true biotechnology science, Prevagen is the first supplement to fight the aging process through powerful molecules called calcium-binding proteins. *

Calcium-binding proteins are found naturally all throughout the body. They are responsible for keeping cells healthy and for keeping the aging process at bay. They work by buffering ions that could cause cellular damage, age and even cell death. Unfortunately, over time we lose the ability to make these valuable, age-fighting proteins at the same rate we did when we were young. This is the problem with aging!

The healthy human is able to manage calcium due to an ample amount of this type of protein. Prevegen fights aging by protecting the cell from an unhealthy amount of intracellular calcium. As you age you need to replace these depleted proteins.* This is the only effective way to truly fight the aging process. Prevagen uses a safe and natural protein from jellyfish to assist with healthy aging.

Jellyfish are essentially a floating nervous system. One thing jellyfish are very good at is managing calcium within their bodies. What does a jellyfish have to do with human health? The answer is, jellyfish are loaded with protective, age-fighting proteins that are very similar to the proteins humans lose as we age.

Prevagen™ is a patent-pending dietary supplement designed to fight aging. Prevagen is the only dietary supplement to use the age-fighting proteins contained within the jellyfish. Prevagen replenishes the calcium-binding proteins you lose in the aging process.

Calcium-Binding Proteins

The role of calcium in human physiology has been extensively researched throughout the last century. Disruptions in calcium homeostasis are known to cause and to correlate with a large number of diseases, syndromes and conditions. Following much investigation, calcium-binding proteins (CaBPs) have been recognized as protective factors in neuronal populations susceptible to toxicity via calcium and calcium-mediated actions. Aequorin is from the family of calcium-binding proteins known as the EF-hand family. Several CaBPs endogenous to the human body are also of the EF-hand family and have been found to serve protective roles in certain cellular populations.

Relevance of calcium binding proteins

CaBPs are important for regulating the intracellular calcium concentration of neurons (Baimbridge et al., 1992). In addition, studies have shown that neurons lacking in certain CaBPs are less able to handle various insults. For example, dissociated cells that are immunoreactive for the CaBP calbindin are better able to withstand excitatory amino acid (EAA) insults, suggesting that the presence of calbindin (and perhaps other CaBPs) may serve important neuroprotective functions (Mattson et al., 1991). In addition, numerous studies, suggest that there is a selective decrease in certain CaBPs in the brains of aged animals, including humans (Ichimiya et al., 1988; Iacopino and Christakos, 1990; Hof and Morrison, 1991; Amenta et al., 1994; Selden et al., 1994; Villa et al., 1994; De Jong et al., 1996; Zettel et al., 1997; Moyer et al., 2001). Loss of these important CaBPs with advancing age may leave certain populations of neurons vulnerable to any insult that results in massive or even moderate increases in intracellular calcium concentrations.

The relationship between calcium, neuronal degeneration, CaBPs, and aging suggest that a viable but untapped treatment plan may involve replenishment of neuronal CaBPs, particularly in higher brain regions known to degenerate with advancing age, such as the hippocampus and associated MTL structures (Visser et al., 2002). One such CaBP is aequorin, a naturally-occurring calcium-sensitive bioluminescent protein originally isolated from jellyfish. Its natural bioluminescent properties (when bound to calcium) make it ideal not only for observing changes in calcium ion concentrations but also make it easy to observe uptake by neurons. Administration and uptake of aequorin by neurons may be beneficial for ameliorating the negative effects of excess calcium influx observed in aged neurons, which may enhance neuron survival and improve cognitive function in older animals.

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This article is reprinted with permission from Quincy Biosciences, and is provided for educational purposes only. No part of this article is intended as medical advice. Always consult your health care provider for any medical problems.

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