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Health News Archive 106 - Bone Metabolism
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BioSil Update: Stabilizied Orthosilicic Acid

BiosiI is a patented source of silicon supplied as stabilized and highly concentrated orthosilicic acid. Orthosilicic acid is the only form of silicon absorbed and utilized by the body - it is Biologically Active Silicon. Silicon supplementation both increases the amount of calcium available in the circulation for deposit into the bones and increases bone density. Silicon is necessary for bone health because it supports the bone matrix, which is essential to bone health. Silicon promotes the formation of collagen. Approximately 28% of bone consists of collagen, which is found mostly in the matrix. New studies report that silicon is as important as calcium and other nutrients in aiding new bone growth. Silicon promotes bone formation, whereas most bone health products focus on preventing bone resorption rather than promoting bone renewal.

  • New research indicates that silicon is as important to bone building as calcium
  • Orthosilicic acid aids in bone formation rather than in prevention of bone resorption
  • BioSil increases serum calcium levels independent of increased calcium intake
  • Biosil silicon is 2.5 times more bioavailable than silicon from horsetail

Silicon Uptake is a Major Dietary Determinant of Bone Mineral Density (BMD)

The Framingham Offspring Cohort Study

Scientists have recently reviewed the major dietary sources of silicon from data collected in the Framingham offspring cohort study. Dr. Ravin Jugdaohsingh and associated researchers conducted the first regressed silicon intake analysis in order to examine the relation of silicon intake to bone mineral density (BMD). BMD was measured specifically at hip sites and the lumbar spine.

The data analysis of 2,847 patients (1,251 men and 1,596 women) between the ages of 30-87 years demonstrated that silicon intake is significantly linked (p<0.05) to bone mineral density in men and pre-menopausal women. In fact, silicon's effect on bone density was as great as that reported for any other nutrient, such as calcium and magnesium. This review of the Framingham data further confirms the anabolic effects of silicon on bone.

New Evidence for the Important Role of Orthosilicic Acid in Bone Metabolism

The Journal Bone recently reported the results of an in vitro investigation evaluating the effects of orthosilicic acid on different bone and skin cell lines. The study found that orthosilicic acid elevated the activity of skin fibroblasts and resulted in an increase in type I collagen. The increase in collagen production was attributed to the effects of orthosilicic acid on the enzyme prolyl hydroxylase. Orthosilicic acid also resulted in an increase in alkaline phosphatase, an enzyme that is involved in the synthesis of bone tissue and associated with bone growth.

The increased production of collagen type I and increased activity of alkaline phosphatase found in the presence of orthosilicic acid create the ideal environment for enhanced bone formation. It has been established that increased collagen synthesis plays a significant role in bone mineral density and bone quality. (Resistance to fractures is an aspect of bone quality.) Furthermore, the synthesis of the bone matrix rather than the mineralization process is now considered to be the most important action of orthosilicic acid.


Reffitt DM, Ogston N, Jugdaohsingh R, Cheung HF, Evans BA, Thompson RP, Powell JJ, Hampson GN. Orthosilicic acid stimulates collagen type 1 synthesis and osteoblastic differentiation in human osteoblast-like cells in vitro. Bone. 2003 Feb;32(2):127-35.

Jugdaohsingh R, Tucker KL, Kiel DP, Qiao N, Powell JJ. Silicon uptake is a major dietary determinant of bone mineral density (BMD) in men and pre-menopausal women of the Framingham Offspring Cohort. Bone 2003 May;32,:S192

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