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Energy Plus - Clear Lasting Energy

[Why Do I Lack Energy? | What is Inherent Energy?
[Supporting Cells in 4 Ways | Energy Medicine | Energy Plus: What it IS and what it ISN'T]

Why Do I Lack Enerqy?

Energy is produced in cells throughout your body. Thus, if you are energy deficient, it is because your cells are not working as they should.

This means, of course, that the best way to increase energy levels is to improve cellular function. Yet, virtually all "energy" supplements (and many weight loss products) are made from stimulants that degrade cellular efficiency, while also taxing the heart, the kidneys, the adrenal glands, etc. Such stimulants include caffeine, sugar, guarana and ephedra (ma huang).

Naturally, when you lack energy, you experience it as a problem in its own right .... as something that keeps you from completing your daily routine. But, it's also a warning that more serious problems are on the way.

You see, every biological function depends on the actions of cells. Thus, it is impossible for digestion, circulation, elimination, detoxification, immunity, neurotransmissions or any other metabolic process to occur as it should unless the cells that drive it have the energy you need. So, obviously, energy is more than a convenience. It is an absolute requirement for future health.

Our capacity to produce energy is weakened when our cells are damaged by free radicals, trans-fatty acids, saturated fats, glycation, calcification, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and so on. Thus, the key to restoring normal energy levels is to repair as much of the damage as possible, and to prevent further damage from being done.

What Is Inherent Energy?

The "nutritional" energy the body makes from food is stored in a molecule called ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

But, there is another, less obvious type of energy that holistic medical systems call vital, or inherent energy. In China, this energy is called Qi. In India, it is known as Prana. The ancient medical systems of Greece, Persia and Judea knew it as Pneuma, Baraka and Ruach.

By definition, inherent energy must exist before nutritional energy (ATP) can be made. Thus, lacking inherent energy compromises the body's entire energy production process.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, any lack of inherent energy is called a deficiency, and is one of two types of imbalances that diminishes cellular efficiency. The other type is called excess, and occurs when cells are engorged with too much heat, cold, dryness, dampness, phlegm or toxins. Since excesses are more likely to occur when we lack inherent energy, it should be dear just how vital this energy is. (Note: Free radicals, glycation, calcification and so on are Western terms for what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls excesses.)

According to the world's great holistic traditions, every ache, pain and discomfort we feel stems from either deficiency or excess, with the specific discomforts depending on the types of cells in which the deficiency or excess occurs. Because all cells produce energy, the first symptom most of us feel when these imbalances occur is a lack of energy. Thus, as mentioned, if we do not renew the cells' abilities to produce energy, we are in for worse problems in the future.

Supporting Cells in Four Ways


Since poor cellular function is the cause of fatigue, the solution is to improve cellular health. Yet, in all the world, few energy supplements work toward this goal, and only one works toward it in four separate ways. It is called Energy Plus, and it will change your life.

First, it provides the world's only known source of vegetarian glycogen. As the molecule the body produces to store excess energy, glycogen can be converted to instant energy when it is needed. Thus, it gives your cells a sort of kick start, so that they can quickly increase the energy they produce on their own.

Second, it provides vast levels of Superior Tonic Herbs. These herbs are the world's richest sources of the inherent energy that is vital for keeping cells in balance. But, they also provide hundreds of phyto-nutrients that are found in no other plants on Earth. Each of these nutrients helps repair damage in specific types of cells and helps prevent further damage from being done. By providing the correct combination of these herbs, Energy Plus helps repair virtually every kind of damage done to every kind of cell.

Third, it provides a very special complex of monatomic trace elements called Etherium Gold. Research in Switzerland has shown that these elements increase the brain's production of alpha waves while decreasing the output of theta and beta waves. This has the effect of calming the stress response. Since stress reduces energy production while increasing energy consumption, it drains energy in two ways. By calming the stress response, monatomic elements do just the opposite, thus improving energy levels in two ways. No other energy product in the world contains these remarkable elements.

Fourth, we remove human made electromagnetic frequencies -- those emitted by computers, televisions, radios, cell phones, microwaves, combustion engines, power lines, artificial lighting, etc. -- from the finished product. Put simply, these frequencies sabotage every aspect of cellular efficiency. By removing them -- with special equipment developed by physicists and engineers -- we can return the whole foods, Superior Tonics and monatomic elements in Energy Plus to their natural states, so that they support health both biochemically and electromagnetically.

Energy Medicine

There is no longer any doubt that electromagnetic energy is as important to the body as biochemical nutrition. Reiki therapy, polarity therapies, massage, visualization techniques, biofeedback, reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic care, TV Chi and Qi Gong are but a few aspects of how energy medicine is practiced in the modern world. All share the same basic understanding that the body is affected as much by the electrical currents traveling through it as by the nutritional properties of food, water and air. Many researchers actually believe that nutrients affect health more via their electromagnetic than their bio-chemical characteristics.

While we are not yet prepared to endorse that position, it is dear that both physical substances and subtle energies influence health, and that we must do all we can to give the body the best of both. Energy Plus is the world's only energy supplement that does so.

Energy Plus: What it IS, and What it ISN'T

Energy Plus is, quite simply, the world's most effective, most healthful energy building supplement. Because it restores real energy, rather than forcing the body to deplete its energy reserves (as stimulants do), it gives cells the power to carry out their other duties, so that every biological process can occur more efficiently.

While many people tell us they feel Energy Plus as a powerful energy surge, others say they experience it more by what it permits them to do. In other words, they note that when they would normally be "wearing down," they are instead good to go for at least several more hours. One of ,the most frequent characterizations we hear is from folks who say that, before using Energy Plus, they felt like a car that was "missing" on some of its cylinders, but that, with it, they feel like a finely tuned engine.

What you will NOT notice is any stimulating effects from artificial stimulants such as ma huang, guarana, ephedra, caffeine or sugar. You will not feel the clammy perspiration or the "jitters" that often accompany caffeine, and you won't stay up all night cleaning the house three times because you can't sleep. You'll simply feel more vital, more vibrant and more productive, yet also more relaxed. You might find that sleep comes more easily, and that you'll sleep more soundly. You'll also see other problems, like dry or brittle hair, skin or nails, improve within weeks.

In short, Energy Plus is a minor miracle for anyone who needs energy. It helps those whose work is either mental or physical. Because of its powerful effects on brain function, it is ideal for students, lawyers, teachers, musicians, accountants, managers or anyone else who needs to be able to focus clearly, even late into the night. And, as with all Pure Essence products, it is, of course, guaranteed to your unconditional satisfaction.

Energy Plus. Perfect for those who study or work into the wee hours. Ideal for those on the night shift, or for anyone who wears out before their work is done. Outstanding for construction workers, or for anyone else whose work is physically demanding. A real blessing for those with candida, chronic fatigue or any other energy sapping health challenge. And amazing for housewives or working mothers, for whom there are never enough hours in the day.

Energy Plus. The world's finest energy supplement.

Energy Plus. From Pure Essence Labs. For everyone who needs more energy but wants to avoid the dangers of stimulants.

Reprinted with exclusive permission from Pure Essence Labs. 

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