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Fight Airborne, Airplane, and Office Air Pollution

[Prevent Airplane Sickness | Fight the Effects of Office Air Pollution
[Consider What You Have Touched Lately]
[For Answers on How to Protect Yourself]
[Money Laundering to be Legalized]

Prevent Airplane Sickness

If you are a frequent flyer, or even an infrequent flyer, do you believe that the recirculated air on airplanes is the absolute best, cleanest air?  Airplane air may contain fungi – molds and yeasts which become airborne like pollen.  Airplane air may contain viruses, bacteria, dust and anything else that the coughing, hacking, sneezing passenger 3 rows away from you is spewing into the air you breathe.  It’s not necessarily anyone’s fault.  It’s just the nature of traveling in a sealed tube with hundreds of strangers.  Is the airline spending the maximum amount of money to ensure that the air filters are the highest performance available, are replaced frequently and the maximum amount of freezing cold outside air is heated and mixed into the recirculated air in the cabin? 

Do you find yourself battling flu symptoms when you return from a trip?  For Answers on How to Protect Yourself -- See the Sinus and Allergy Guide

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Fight the Effects of Office Air Pollution

Sitting at your desk in the office, looking out the sealed windows in a modern office building, if you’re so lucky to have windows, do you ever wonder how effective the air conditioning is at removing fungi – molds and yeasts which become airborne like pollen?  How effective does the office air filtering have to be to remove viruses, bacteria, or any other source of indoor pollution -- from the recirculated air in your office building?  How often does the air need to circulate through how fine a microfilter to remove these indoor office air pollutants?  Do you know how often the air ducts and vents are cleaned? Has your company spent the maximum possible amount of money to ensure that your workplace is safe from these indoor airborne pollutants? 

Do your coworkers come into work even if they are slightly sick?  For Answers on How to Protect Yourself -- See the Sinus and Allergy Guide

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Consider What You Have Touched Lately

Do you use doorknobs, handrails, stair railings, lean on the counter at a bank teller window or department store check-out?  Do you push the buttons in an elevator, or shake hands with friends or strangers?  Do you reach under a chair to pull it up to the table when you sit down?  Do you ever wonder where the money that you carefully count out has been?  Do you ever touch your face or nose with your hands during the day without having washed your hands just prior?  When do you think was the last time that all these things were sterilized? 

For Answers on How to Protect Yourself -- See the Sinus and Allergy Guide and Consumers Guide to a Healthy Immune System

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Money Laundering to be Legalized

About seven percent of paper money may be contaminated with disease-causing bacteria, according to a study published in the December 2002 issue of the Southern Medical Journal.

Researchers requested $1 bills from people in a grocery store and people waiting in line at a concession stand.  They then soaked each bill, 68 in all, in a vial of infusion broth for 30 to 60 minutes.  After the bill was removed, the broth was incubated, streaked onto an agar plate and incubated again. It was then monitored for growth of bacterial colonies.

The bills yielded 93 bacterial isolates and 94 percent of the bills had bacterial colonies.

Further, seven percent of the bills were contaminated with bacteria that could cause disease to hospitalized patients or patients with compromised immune systems, according to researchers.  Money laundering will be the next business IPO (initial public offering) on wall street!  

Southern Medical Journal December 2002;95(12):1408-10

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